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2 Feb-02

What we do

GREENBUD is committed to assess your Indoor Air Quality with transparency & Quality. To assess this Air Quality we have to follow some standards, such as ECR, 1997 - DoE, WHO, DoE, World Bank etc.

Also according to the requirement of HIGG Index GREENBUD calculates the total emission volume of the year from individual source. The following Air Quality Test is done by GREENBUD :

  • Stack Air Emission Inspection
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspection
  • Ambient Air Quality Inspection
  • Ozone Depleting Substance
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment

GREENBUD high quality equipment is available to assess your air quality. Now most of the customers are committed to environmental aspect. As a result all kind of Air Quality test is a vital requirement of customers.


GREENBUD has a air emission quality testing machine from Testo and the model name is Testo-340 to assess your indoor air quality.


Our air quality test will contain the following information :

  • Each report cover whole factory
  • Each report cover one generator
  • Each report cover one boiler
  • Tested by SM207 Formaldehyde Tester, UNI T Ut338c VOC Tester, PYLE PCMM05
  • Tested by Testo 350 (German machine & sensor probe)
  • Carbon Monoxide Meter
  • Office saves backup file of the result copy for future verification
  • Each report contains a unique tracking number

We're motivated by the desire to achieve.