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2 Feb-03

Sound/Noise Quality Test & Treatment

In any work environment, there can be many reasons to keep sound levels within a reasonable range. Sound levels above this range are perceived as "noise." Noise can distract the workforce, creating an unsafe workplace. Or, worse yet, it can cause hearing loss. A worker distracted by noise may become less production and even irritable. If noise levels are too loud, the worker may not be able to hear warning signals or instructions. High noise levels over prolonged periods of time can lead to permanent hearing loss. When any of these conditions exists, it is important to control, contain, reduce, or eliminate the noise source so a safe work environment can be maintained.

Noise _ Sound Quality Test


GREENBUDs’ high quality equipment is available to assess your Sound Level. GREENBUD is also committed to assess your Sound/noise level inside the factory premises with transparency & Quality. To assess this Sound/Noise level, we have to follow some standards, such as ECR, 1997 - DoE, WHO, DoE, World Bank etc.

GREENBUD will provide you the following information in your report after inspection:

  • Each report cover whole factory and take samples from every 500sft. (Approx)
  • Tested by Intel Instrument Plus; Digital Sound Level Meter AR824
  • Office saves backup file of the result copy for future verification
  • Each report contains a unique tracking number

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