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ARC Enterprise Limited, Unilever Bangladesh

Scope of work:

Environmental Testing & Inspection

Project Coordinator

Mohammad Mehedi Hasan & Shamim Sheikh

Unilever accredited ARC Enterprise currently boasts annual production figures of over 41000 mt. tons of Wheel Detergent Powder, one of the leading contract manufacturers in Bangladesh. Serving as one of only 6 Unilever depots in the nation, their modern facility at the very heart of Dhaka’s industrial park allows them to meet the growing demands of Unilever consumer products in greater Dhaka.

GREENBUD testing & inspection Services Private Limited has been hired for environmental testing and inspection. We provided them a bunch of services which include:

  • Stack Air Emission Inspection/ Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspection
  • Ambient Air Quality Inspection
  • Ambient/ Indoor Noise Quality Inspection
  • Temperature & Humidity Level Inspection
  • Light Level Inspection

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