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3 Feb-01

Indoor Light/Illuminance Level Inspection

Good lighting will create a visual environment that enables people to see, to move about safely and to perform visual tasks efficiently, accurately and safely without causing undue visual fatigue and discomfort. To keep the people safe in your working environment, you need to maintain a standard Light Quality level in your working condition for whole time. We need to maintain this lighting level within legal limit to safe our environment also. Today it becomes the customer’s requirements as well.



Customers who are giving us orders, they are also committed to safe environment where they are working. GREENBUD is here to assist you to measure lighting quality in your factory premises with high quality equipment & transparency. To assess this lighting level, we use BNBC Code & Labor Law. Our service includes:

  • Each report cover whole factory and take samples from every 500sft. (Approx)
  • Tested by Intel Instrument Plus; Digital Lux Meter AR813A
  • Office saves backup file of the result copy for future verification
  • Each report contains a unique tracking number

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