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16 Feb-03

GREENBUD has a strong belief that research will lead us to the ultimate sustainable solution. Which seems impossible or not a profitable solution as a green approach these days, can be made a cost effective one through continuous research and analysis. We are very fortunate to have a group of researchers who have a very strong hold in the research arena of environmental engineering, sustainability, production process, chemical protection and renewable energy solutions. Besides having research experience in the finest institutions of the world, our researchers also have a brilliant, motivated and hardworking team of new blood research assistants who aim to a green future.

GREENBUD has a plan to seek national and international research fund to accelerate the exploration in new environmental technologies, sustainable production alternatives and green initiatives. As GREENBUD also has part of executing green thinking, it is certain that we will use the findings of our research in our practical field.

GREENBUD will ensure the present need and keep scope to meet the future development. Unless having proper planning for tomorrow, maybe the total investment for environmental approach of today can be a total wastage. Customer will find the best solution for today, but at the same time it will ensure that this progress is nothing but another footprint to green factory.

We're motivated by the desire to achieve.