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Square Fashions Limited Unit 1, Square Group

Scope of work:

Environmental Testing & Inspection

Project Coordinator

Md. Kamruzzaman & Shamem Sheikh

SQUARE FASHIONS LIMITED (SFL) started its project in 2001 & production in 2002 with the combination of modern technology and skilled professionals which helped it to achieve the position to cater for world’s top notch customers in a short span of time. Square Fashions Ltd. is on process of becoming a one-stop destination for international RMG buyers.

On process of becoming a green factory, they required environmental testing & inspection. GREENBUD testing & inspection Services Private Limited has been hired to conduct the project in which we offered several services that include:

  • Stack Air Emission Inspection/ Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspection
  • Ambient Air Quality Inspection
  • Ambient/ Indoor Noise Quality Inspection
  • Temperature & Humidity Level Inspection
  • Light Level Inspection

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