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16 Feb-02

GREENBUD aims to give all the possible support to the industries. With the process of being environmentally smart, the buyers of our garment product are asked to be complied with environment more and more. As because of that a significant number of recording systems has already been introduced, some project is by now running and a lot of initiatives are in the pipeline to come.

All of the retailer of the buyers must have to comply with those and as most of them are technical issues, the non-technical staff may not be good enough to cope up with all the specialized requirements.

As GREENBUD is a team of competent and dedicated people of this sector, we can easily ensure all the possible support for any kind of documentation, record of submission, monitoring of buyer’s recommendation and implementation of suggestions of auditors.

GREENBUD will be an “In House” auditor to make the industry safe from any unwanted non-compliance in the sector of environment, energy consumption and chemical safety.

We're motivated by the desire to achieve.