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3 Feb-02

Temperature & Humidity Quality Test

Complaints about air-conditioning and heating in offices (and other workplaces) are very common - it is either too hot or too cold; the temperature varies drastically through the day; the draughts are terrible; etc. It's not only the temperature that affects how people feel, but also the humidity levels and air movement. Humidity affects stress on materials and products to a degree that can be calculated. The data generated by humidity testing can be important in planning materials selection, paints and coatings, and expected lifetime of a product. High and low humidity can be simulated in a number of testing chambers and machines.

Temperature Quality Test


GREENBUD is here to assist you to measure Temperature & Humidity in your factory premises with high quality equipment & transparency. To assess this Temperature level, we have to follow some standards, such as ECR, 1997 - DoE, WHO, World Bank etc.

GREENBUD will provide you the following information in your report after inspection:

  • Each report cover whole factory and take samples from every 500sft. (Approx)
  • Tested by German Temperature & Humidity Test Machine
  • Office saves backup file of the result copy for future verification
  • Each report contains a unique tracking number

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