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The Civil Engineers Limited (Sweater Unit), Standard Group

Scope of work:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Project Coordinator

Md. Akmal Hossain & Md. Kamruzzaman

Standard Group Provides flexible production that is tailor made to their customers need. Their use of sophisticated technologies and processes enable us to provide flexibility throughout each step of the order execution process.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as a tool used to identify the environmental, social and economic impacts of a project prior to decision-making. It aims to predict environmental impacts at an early stage in project planning and design, find ways and means to reduce adverse impacts, shape projects to suit the local environment and present the predictions and options to decision-makers.

Our experienced & qualified team assesses the company Environmental Impact so that they can know that whether their activities are environmental familiar as well as they can ensure their customer about their stand regarding environmental commitments and sustainability.

We're motivated by the desire to achieve.